How Do Our Tastes Compare?

I'm not a food critic, and I'm not a pastry chef. I love baking and I do it from scratch. I also love sugar and dessert, and sweet things in general.

But what good does that do you?

My tastes are my own, and probably very different from yours. And since I have no qualifications, the only way to make my otherwise pointless pastry thoughts useful to you is to provide a reference point.

Here you will find all the things I've reviewed, organized by rating.

5 out of 5 (The Favorites)

   ~Ivy Bakery's Banana Square: 5/6/10
   ~Ivy Bakery's Apple Square: 3/1/10
   ~Conti's: Mele Cotte al Vino Bianco 1/25/10
   ~Recipe: Almond Crescents: 1/15/10
    ~Welch's Fruit Snacks: 11/17/09

4 out of 5 (The Loved)

     ~Baskin-Robbins America's Birthday Cake Ice Cream: 7/23/10
     ~Ivy Bakery's Blueberry Muffin: 3/1/10
     ~Cupcake Pebbles: 2/10/10
     ~Recipe: Lucy's Apple Pie (Mine!) 11/12/09
     ~Donut Pub: Red Velvet Donut: 11/10/09
     ~Recipe: Magnolia's Sweet Potato Pie: 10/30/09

3 out of 5 (The Solid)

     ~Revisiting Little Cakes in Whitestone: 7 Cupcakes: 5/28/10
     ~Ivy bakery: 5/6/10
     ~Recipe: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes: 3/19/10
     ~Christmas Goodies: Entenmann's Holiday Crescents: 2/17/10
     ~Little Cakes in Whitestone: Six Cupcakes: 1/28/10
     ~Recipe: Magnolia's Apple Pecan Quick-Bread: 12/29/09
     ~Holiday Party at Stuffed Artisan Cannolis: Three Mini Cannolis: 12/14/09
     ~Riesterer Bakery's linzer tart: 11/13/09
     ~Kyotofu: Three Mini Cupcakes: 10/19/09

2 out of 5 (The Mediocre)

     ~Green Tea & Green Tea Cherry Blossom Kit Kats: 8/23/2011
     ~La Dolce Via: 8/25/10
     ~Salerno Pastry Cafe: 7/2/10
     ~Cinnabon Cupcakes: 2/22/10
     ~Yoplait Light Red Velvet Cake Yogurt: 2/18/10
     ~Burger King Funnel Cake Fries: 1/11/10
     ~Recipe: PJ's Cinnamon Swirl Bread: 1/11/10
     ~Recipe: Jack o' Lantern Cupcakes: Crazy About Cupcakes: 10/30/09

1 out of 5 (The Crappy)

    ~Lindt Petits Desserts: 2/2/11
    ~G n' I Kosher Bakery: Assorted Cookies: 12/20/09
     ~Pasticceria Amore: Assorted Pastries: 12/18/09
    ~Recipe: Beet Red Velvet Cake 12/9/09 
    ~Tiramisu from Cavaleri's Pizza Market: 11/24/09
     ~Apple Donuts from Dunkin Donuts: 11/20/09
     ~The Witches Brew: Apple Crumb Pie: 11/5/09
    ~Pasticceria Bruno: 10/25/09

1/2 out of 5 (The Damned)

  ~Christmas Goodies: Friendly's Peppermint Stick Roll: 2/17/10
  ~Christmas Goodies: Demel's Gingerbread Cookies: 2/17/10
  ~Recipe: Pecan Sandies: 12/29/09
  ~Godiva Biscuits: 12/16/09