Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wafels and Dinges National Waffle Day Giveaway

What: National Waffle Day 2011

Where: Hanover Square, New York, NY (8AM-4:30PM)
Trader Joe's at 14th St. (6-10PM)

When: August 24th 8AM-10PM

Cost: FREE

From the blog page:
Keep reading to find out how to win vintage Wafels & Dinges prizes and how to become Mister Wafel or Miss Wafel 2011 granting you (you guessed it) ONE YEAR of free wafels!


The Miss Wafel and Mister Wafel contestants will be judged on four criteria:
Presentations expressing how they will represent being Miss Wafel or Mister Wafel.
Trivia contest about wafels and the country of Belgium
Explanation of “How dinges can save the global economy”
A Dinges Skills Competition with practical test to apply toppings to our waffles.

To participate, reply to our Facebook* event invite. Registration is open for up to 3 entries for the Miss Election, and 3 entries for the Mister Election. Submit by Tuesday, August 23rd at 4pm. The winners get a Belgian Wafel Passport that's valid until August 23rd, 2012. Incroyable!

Contest takes place at the truck on Hanover Square
1pm: Mister Wafel competition
1:30pm Miss Wafel competition
2pm: Ceremonial bestowing of the Wafel Passport.

*For those who are averse to anything related to Facebook, you can email info@wafelsanddinges.com with the necessary info.

FREE WAFEL in exchange for a children's drawing of waffles or of the Wafels & Dinges truck. For the more linguistically inclined, write an original poem about Spekuloos! Top 3 will be posted on the website! Open to children of all ages (18 months to 103). We'll hang your picture/poem on the truck and you get the free wafel!
At the end of the day, the most original drawings and poems will receive an authentic Wafels & Dinges T-shirt, a Kompleet Wafels & Dinges Kit and a jar of Speculoos! 2nd prize is a Kompleet Wafels & Dinges Kit & a jar of Spekuloos and 3rd prize is a jar of Spekuloos!

When: all day.
AM: from 8am till 4:30pm Hanover Square
PM: from 6pm - 10pm at the Trader Joe's at 14th St.
Important! Don't forget to add your name & email-address so we can contact you in case you won!

See you there!

Sweet Deals on Cookies

Get this one fast- 20 hours remaining as of this post! Two Dozen Cookies with Free Nationwide Shipping ($25) or Ten-Person Party Tray with Free Manhattan Delivery ($33) from E.E. Cookies. Get the deal here.

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Cupcake Cruise!


What: Cupcake Cruise to Bermuda

When: August 19-26, 2012

Where: Aboard Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit to Bermuda

Cost: TBA

Obviously this is way in advance but cruises take planning, besides which, if the site is up and posts are being made, then I'm obligated to repost! Currently you can email the folks in charge here to be added to a mailing list so you're kept up to date as details come out.

Green Tea and Green Tea and Cherry Blossom Kit Kats

Item: Japanese Kit Kats. Matcha (green tea- Wiki claims is made with green chocolate- whatever that means) and Sakura Macha (Cherry Blossom Green Tea).

Rating out of 5:

I signed into my Gmail account for the first time in months to find a whopping 2,338 emails, which is actually less than I was expecting but daunting nonetheless. I signed on to Blogger do to a handful of new reviews, maybe post a couple of deals or news items.

These Kit Kats were actually eaten over the Winter, my friends brother took a trip to Japan and brought these babies home. You have to understand, years ago a friend posted a link about green tea Kit Kats on some social networking site or other, and I was overcome with the sadness of knowing something I desperately wanted to try would probably be forever out of my grasp (playing this up for all it's worth). So when I walked into my friends kitchen and saw three dozen of them sitting on her table like they fucking belonged there, I'm pretty sure I recall letting out a slight squeal. Her brother in his infinite graciousness gave me one of each flavor, and so here we are.

As with many things, the buildup was a touch over-hyped. The green tea tastes...not like green tea much at all. It could be green tea that's "off" tasting, a little unpleasant. The chocolate seems a bit too thick for some reason. This might be white chocolate with green tea flavoring. After finding Wiki's entry describing it as "green" chocolate, these suspicions are strengthened.

I actually like the matcha and cherry blossom better, its sweeter and tastes more like candy, I was surprised me because I wasn't expecting to prefer it. I love green tea, but when I think of cherry blossoms I think of flower petals, and wasn't sure what to expect of the taste. I don't think I'd describe this Kit Kat as floral, but there is a lightness of flavor to it and it lacks whatever unpleasantness the plain green tea one had. I finished these but didn't crave more.

So together, they get a rating of two. If I do see them again there will not be any squealing.