Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Tea and Green Tea and Cherry Blossom Kit Kats

Item: Japanese Kit Kats. Matcha (green tea- Wiki claims is made with green chocolate- whatever that means) and Sakura Macha (Cherry Blossom Green Tea).

Rating out of 5:

I signed into my Gmail account for the first time in months to find a whopping 2,338 emails, which is actually less than I was expecting but daunting nonetheless. I signed on to Blogger do to a handful of new reviews, maybe post a couple of deals or news items.

These Kit Kats were actually eaten over the Winter, my friends brother took a trip to Japan and brought these babies home. You have to understand, years ago a friend posted a link about green tea Kit Kats on some social networking site or other, and I was overcome with the sadness of knowing something I desperately wanted to try would probably be forever out of my grasp (playing this up for all it's worth). So when I walked into my friends kitchen and saw three dozen of them sitting on her table like they fucking belonged there, I'm pretty sure I recall letting out a slight squeal. Her brother in his infinite graciousness gave me one of each flavor, and so here we are.

As with many things, the buildup was a touch over-hyped. The green tea tastes...not like green tea much at all. It could be green tea that's "off" tasting, a little unpleasant. The chocolate seems a bit too thick for some reason. This might be white chocolate with green tea flavoring. After finding Wiki's entry describing it as "green" chocolate, these suspicions are strengthened.

I actually like the matcha and cherry blossom better, its sweeter and tastes more like candy, I was surprised me because I wasn't expecting to prefer it. I love green tea, but when I think of cherry blossoms I think of flower petals, and wasn't sure what to expect of the taste. I don't think I'd describe this Kit Kat as floral, but there is a lightness of flavor to it and it lacks whatever unpleasantness the plain green tea one had. I finished these but didn't crave more.

So together, they get a rating of two. If I do see them again there will not be any squealing.

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