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Lee, Lee's Bakery is Closing

Via Harlem Condo Life.

Lee, Lee's Bakery located on 283 W 118th Street is closing May 31st. According to commenters on the above post, you can still get baked goods through the weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

This Weeks Sweet Reviews

Eating in Translation: Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Food in Mouth: L'Arte del Gelato

Serious Eats: Cinnamon Buns at Fairway

NYC Food Guy: First Prize Pies S’Mores Pie at Fatty Cue (plus the full recipe)

Cake Spy: Donut Pub

Fork in the Road: Boomtown Bakery's Mint Oreo Cookie

Bushwick BK: Circo’s: A Sweet Vestige of Sicilian Bushwick

Serious Eats: Ice Cream Eclairs and Sandwiches at ChikaLicious

Eat to Blog: Lunch at The Grocery, Dessert at Provence en Boite

Midtown Lunch: Street Sweets Adds Gelato Sandwiches (And Real Sandwiches) To Menu

Serious Eats: Nutella Pizza at Luzzo's

Serious Eats: Popbar, Ice Cream on a Stick in the West Village

Cupcakes Take the Cake: Remedy Diner Chocolate Cupcake

Eatery Row: Dessert at Lavagna

Fork in the Road: Jacques Torres Ice Cream Sandwich

Always Hungry NY: Pop Bar & Peoples Pops

Always Hungry NY: Dessert at Bobo

Life with Food & Drink: NYC Icy: Freakin' far away, but still good!

NYC Foodie: Dessert at Locanda Verde

Cherry Patter: Four & Twenty Black Birds; Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory; Taipan bakery

Serious Eats: Otto's Rhubarb Coppetta

Ulterior Epicure: Dessert at Eleven Madison Park

Fork in the Road: Ice Cream at Lucas Fine Foods

Fork in the Road: NYC Icy's Lemon and Coconut Ice

Eat It: Dessert at the Vanderbilt

The Feisty Foodie: La Maison du Chocolat

Serious Eats: Cake Truffles at Momofuku Milk Bar

Review: Revisiting Little Cakes in Whitestone

Little Cakes
14-33 150st
Whitestone, NY 11357
(718) 746-1020

Monday & Tuesday-closed
Wednesday - Friday 12PM-8PM
Saturday & Sunday- 10AM-4PM

Overall rating out of 5:

I was surprised and flattered when Christina, owner of the new-ish cupcakery in Whitestone Queens commented on my blog to tell me she revised her recipes based on my opinions! So two weeks ago I made my way out there once again to taste her revamped creations, and to actually introduce myself. I'm quite shy unless I'm angry about something, so I had to work up the courage to say hi. But Christina is super friendly and we ended up chatting about how much Queens kicks ass (oh yes it does, all you naysayers).

I did get these cupcakes for FREE (the first time I've ever gotten free baked goods as a result of my food blogger status!), and as I've seen other bloggers do, I'll take this moment to state that my review and opinion was in no way effected by the freeness of said cupcakes ;)

First up: vanilla!

The vanilla cupcakes are definitely way less corn muffin-like than they were the first time I tried them. They now have the consistency and taste of a traditional cupcake. What I like about Christina's cupcakes are that they're more dense than your usual cupcake. Don't get me wrong, light and fluffy has its place, but a heavier cake helps balance out the sweet frosting. A good cupcake!

The lemon cupcake:

Oh my, lemon is not my flavor. It feels like I'm eating cake soaked in Pine Sol, and its no reflection on this specific cupcake (which I swear practically squished with freshness from my first bite). This is my first lemon flavored pastry ever, I've avoided them up until this point because I'm not a fan of lemon flavored things. The cake has more of a hint of lemon, the icing is what packs the punch.

The coffee cake cupcake:

really wanted to like this cupcake, but its seems to be difficult to put together. So I still think this cupcake needs a little more work. The crumb is more evenly distributed, but it falls off the cupcake when you bite into it. Its also less like the top of a crumb cake and more like pure brown sugar grouped into clumps. I liked the taste of the first version better, the crumb part just needed to cover the entire top of the cake instead of one side. I don't doubt that this is more difficult than it sounds, but I think its worth pursuing, because I don't think I've seen a coffee cake cupcake being offered anywhere else!

The red velvet cupcake:

The cake is too heavy and dense and still has too much cocoa powder for my taste. I completely avoided the frosting cuz, you know, cream cheese! One day I will convince the rest of the world that cream cheese icing doesn't do red velvet cakes justice ;)

The chocolate cupcake:

There are walnuts in this cupcake! I love walnuts and chocolate together. Very dense cake. I usually don't eat chocolate on chocolate. I...have issues with chocolate. Our relationship has been on the rocks for many years now. The chocolate flavor isn't too intense, which I prefer. An overall enjoyable cupcake.

The bedrock cupcake:

I find that Fruity Pebbles and cake usually go well together, and this cupcake is no exception. I love the candy like taste the bits of cereal give.

The rainbow cookie cupcake:

I've saved the best for last! The frosting is
so much better since its been changed! The frosting is now more fudge like, with a deeper, more rich chocolate taste. You can see the difference in color when compared to the old frosting right away. I feel like the flavors work in harmony now. And as always, the cake itself is delicious, filled with almondy goodness. I pretty much inhaled this. If you go to Little Cakes, this is the cupcake you must try.

I hope Christina isn't upset with my (totally untrained and non-professional) opinions >_< A 3/5 means I definitely enjoyed the items I ate, and that I think other people should go and enjoy them too!

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Review: Little Cakes in Whitestone
Cupcake Shop Opens in Whitestone

Free Ice Cream at Tamba Indian Grill & Bar

Tamba Indian Grill & Bar
103 Lexington Ave
(between 27th St & 28th St)
(212) 481-9100

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday, stop by Tamba Indian Grill & Bar for free samples of their ice cream.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

20% Off Coldstone Creamery Through June

Via Pulse JFK.

Through June 30th, use this coupon to get 20% off any item at Coldstone Creamery, at any of their locations.

Bill’s Bar and Burger Now Serves Cupcakes

Via Grub Street NY.

Bill’s Bar & Burger
22 Ninth Ave. (nr. 13th St)
New York, NY 10014

They now serve cupcakes! This weeks flavor is red velvet with cream cheese icing and chocolate sprinkles. Follow them on Twitter to get more updates on the current flavors being offered.

NYC Cupcake Crawl

Via Pulse JFK.

What: NYC Cupcake Crawl

When: June 6th, 11:30AM-1:30PM

Where: BabyCakes NYC
248 Broome Street
(212) 677-5047

Cost: $10, purchase of food is additional.
Tickets can be purchased here, or you can pay in cash at Babycakes when you arrive.

From the site:
The four locations we will visit on this tour are:
* Dessert Club, 2 of their best-selling cupcakes are red velvet, and s’mores.
* Butter Lane, voted most popular, chocolate cupcake w/ vanilla French butter cream.
* Sugar Sweet Sunshine, highly-rated favorite for best of category title.
* BabyCakes, try the Carrot with creamy vanilla frosting, a vegan bakery.

NYC Cupcake Crawl is a new dessert tour every month for only $10. This food tour will go to a different neighborhood to explore it's food and sights, or a theme tour, pairing one or two desserts. Purchase of foods are additional. Visit all the food shops and purchase only the items you want. Tour is 2 hours, and is a little over 1 mile.

Stuffed Artisan Cannoli's Cart is Open Again

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.

Their cart is now open on the corner of Mulberry and Hester Streets, and will be there every weekend. And of course, you can always visit them at their permanent store, located at 176 Stanton Street.

Cake and Shake Dessert Cart Opens in Washington Square Park

Via The Daily News.

Cake & Shake
Northeast corner of Washington Square Park
Open 9AM- 9PM, seven days a week

This is that famous cart that was in the news a little while back, getting tons of press before it even launched for planning to open in front of The Met (and they'll pay only $108,000 a year for that space!). One thing I already love about them- they're from Long Island City Queens!

They specialize in gourmet cupcakes, milkshakes and coffee, and use high-end and/or organic ingredients housed in eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. Cupcakes are $3 each.

Eventually, they hope to have 8 carts throughout Manhattan.

Sex and the City Tour No Longer Visiting Magnolias

Original photo can be found here.

Via The Wall Street Journal.

A spokeswoman for On Location Tours (the company that runs those extremely annoying Sex and the City tours), says Magnolia's couldn't fulfill the needs of the tour, and that their removal from the tour route was an issue of supply and demand.

Now tour goers will be offered cupcakes from Billy's Bakery in Chelsea on the bus itself, but they can still walk along Bleecker Street and have the chance to visit Magnolia's.

Mr. Softee Sues Rival Vendors

Original photo can be found here.

Via The New York Post.

From the article:
A Brooklyn-based franchise of the ice-cream vendor...complained that three rivals are ripping off Mr. Softee's trademark products, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court.

The company griped that everything from the sugary "Coneheads" to the "Watch For Our Children SLOW!" caution signs on the back of all its trucks are being aped by the rival vendors.

The rogue ice-cream pushers are even shilling their counterfeit cones in trucks emblazoned with Mr. Softee's signature blue and white colors, according to the suit.
The company wants the offending vendors -- Boula Vending, Stravos Sergiadis and Mehmet and Sinan Sumbultepe -- to stop using its trademarks and to pay unspecified damages for infringing on its copyright, the suit says.

Pies N' Thighs Launches Nighttime Delivery

Original photo can be found here.

Via Fork in the Road.

Pies N' Thighs
166 S 4th St (between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 529-6090

If you live in the area, Pies N' Thighs will now deliver any item from its regular menu between the hours of 5-11PM.

Cupcake Craft Night at Etsy Labs in DUMBO

What: Cupcake Craft Night at Etsy Labs in DUMBO

When: Monday July 19th, at 4-8PM

Where: Etsy Labs DUMBO
55 Washington St, Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Cost: FREE

RSVP here.

From the site:
Cupcakes + Crafts = Fun! On July, 19th . We're doing arts and crafts at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. Think of it as summer camp! Come and make cupcake cards, buttons, and other cupcake crafts. Let your mind run wild and create cupcake creations of any kind! Supplies are provided, though you are welcome to bring any special papers or fabrics to incorporate into your projects.
Cupcakes Take The Cake will be providing cupcakes to EAT as inspiration.
Craft night starts at 4PM but goes to 8PM, so feel free to come after work.

TECHmunch Food Blogger Workshop with Robicellis Cupcakes

What: TECHmunch

When: June 10th, 9AM-5PM

Where: Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Cost: Tickets range from $50-$200

Register for tickets here.

From the site: is proud to present the TECHmunch workshop for food bloggers on Thursday, June 10th in NYC.

If you're a food blogger, this intensive one day event will bring you up-to-speed on all the latest tools and tactics for building buzz, improving SEO, growing your audience and making money from your hard work.

The 8-hour intensive workshop will be followed by a networking mixer. Throughout there day there will be giveaway prizes including KitchenAid appliances, cookbooks, etc. and each attendee will receive a nifty gift bag.

Event co-produced by Nichelle Stephens of Cupcakes Take the Cake.

And there will be Robicellis cupcakes!

Friday, May 21, 2010

This Weeks Sweet Reviews

Its been an unusually slow week for sweet reviews, at least as of 6AM this morning. So I've fattened this post up with a couple of stories I wouldn't usually link to because their not NYC-specific.
More reviews to come (from Whitestone, Queens!) when I have a stable internet connection. Enjoy!

Serious Eats: Spot's Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Serious Eats: First Prize Pies and Four and Twenty Blackbirds: Will NYC Get the Pie It Deserves? (The answer is yes)

Foodista: reBar's butterscotch pudding & chocolate/orange fudge tarte

Always Hungry: Cake Bonbons Now at Milk Bar

Always Hungry: The Smith’wich is Back

Eat Me Daily: 3-D cookies

Chow: The 26-Page Pentagon Brownie Recipe (seriously)

Little Buddy Biscuit Company Ice Cream Deals

Original photo can be found here.

Via The City Sweet Tooth.

Little Buddy Biscuit Company
635 5th Avenue (bet 17th & 18th Sts)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-6355

This weekend, May 22-23, LBBC will be offering some sweet deals!

Buy 1 scoop, get the 2nd for 99¢
Get 2 ice cream cookie sandwiches for $8
10% off ice cream drinks (milk shakes, sorbet blended drinks, espresso and ice cream frappé, etc.).

Ben and Jerry's New Ice Cream Truck

Via Grub Street NY.

Ben & Jerry's
is launching an ice cream truck that will be open from May 28th to the first week of July (and possibly later). For more info, follow the truck on Twitter.

The truck will be giving out 50,000 FREE samples during that time too!

NYC Icy Re-opens in the East Village

Via Grub Street, Fork in the Road, & The Feed.

100 Avenue A between 6th and 7th Streets

After a 5 year absence, NYC Icy has opened up a new pop-up location, and will tease us all by staying open for only 6 months. But if business is good, expect to see them elsewhere.

There will be 200 rotating flavors, with 20 being offered at any given time. Some flavors listed by The Feed include macha green tea, chocolate-bacon, cilantro-lime and Thai iced tea. Prices start at a very reasonable $2.50

The store should be open now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

22 Happy Cups Closed

Via Eater NY.

The bakery/frogurt shop 22 Happy Cups has closed.

Breadbox Rolling Pins


A few pins are up, but people will need to sponsor the rest. The donated money will go to New York Foundling.

Free Pudding from Dessert Truck Works

Via Grub Street NY.

Dessert Truck Works
6 Clinton St.
New York, NY

Thursday May 20th from 11AM-11PM get a FREE serving of either Dessert Truck Works Throwdown-winning chocolate bread pudding or a scoop of ice cream or sorbet.

New Frozen Yogurt Truck

Via Grub Street.

The new truck has been hanging out at Union Square and shares a supplier with 16 Handles.

Monday, May 17, 2010

8 Cent Cinnabon Cupcakes

Get this coupon text to your phone, and be one of 888 customers to get cupcakes from Cinnabon for just 8 cents on May 18th, between 11AM and 8PM.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Todays Deals: Nana's Treats and Bubble Lounge

1. $25 Worth of Food and Drinks at Bubble Lounge for $12! Get this deal quick though, only 7 hours left as of now! Taste the new dessert menu created by Pichet Ong, crafted just for the Bubble lounge.
Expires 11/17/2010.

Bubble Lounge
228 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013-2456
(212) 431-3433

2. $2 for $6 worth of baked bliss at Nana’s Treats!
Buy as many vouchers as you like! One per visit. Expires November 16, 2010.

Nana's Treats
46 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011
(212) 647-1610

Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Slurpees Today at 7-11

Via Midtown Lunch.

The 7-Eleven on 8th ave and 37th street is having a grand opening celebration today (though they've been open for weeks), and between 5PM-7PM you can get a FREE slurpee. They also have 300 gift bags to give away, and apparently you could win a free ipad.

Le Pain Quotidien Opens in Central Park

Via The New York Times.

Le Pain Quotidien
Mineral Springs Pavilion at the Sheep Meadow
Central Park and West 69th Street

Opens May 15th.

Food Fairs this Weekend

Via Eating in Translation.

What: Saint George's Ukrainian Food Festival
When: May 14-16
Where: 7th St. between 2nd & 3rd Avenues, NYC
A blocklong fair featuring music and dance performances, traditional arts and crafts, and assorted belly-filling Eastern European grilled meats, dumplings, and pastries.
Free admission

What: Ninth Avenue International Food Festival
When: May 15 and 16, late morning-6:00PM
Where: Ninth Avenue between 37th and 57th streets
It can be an absolute mob scene, but if you're keen on packing away food from Greece, Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, and Cajun country — plus dessert — within the space of 20 city blocks, arrive before noon; a good strategy is to start with the seafood stalls at the 37th St. end and walk north, with your back to the sun.
Free admission

This Weeks Sweet Reviews

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Dear Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream: I Can Haz Flavor?

The Foodista: La Guli Pastry Shop's Gelato

Serious Eats: Mimi Truffles: New York's Most Unconventional Chocolatiers?

Serious Eats: Cupcakes from Tribeca Treats

Serious Eats: Searching for Ice Cream Shops in Queens: Jahn's, Eddie's Sweet Shop, Timmy O's Frozen Custard, Max & Mina's Ice Cream, & The Little Sweet Shoppe

Blondie & Brownie: Standing Order Concrete, the Four-Month "Today's Special"?

Always Hungry: Downtown Atlantic’s Devil’s Food Cupcake

NYC Foodie: Abraco's Olive Oil Cake

NYC Foodie: Supermarket Baked Goods of the Week: Fairway's Brioche Crown and Cinnamon Buns

New York Times: Chocolate Sorbet at Dessert Club ChikaLicious

City Sweet Tooth: Cinnamon Rolls and Brioche from Fairway!

Life with Food and Drink: A gelato break at Tarallucci e Vino

Life with Food and Drink: Sweet somethings at St. Andrews

Serious Eats: Chocolate Crumb Cake at BabyCakes

Serious Eats: A Chocolatey Field Trip to Almondine Bakery in Dumbo

Serious Eats: Baked's Sweet & Salty Brownie

Feisty Foodie: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck's Mint Chip

Edible Communities Queens: Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday, Longevity with Peach Buns at Sun Mary Bakery in Flushing

Wandering Foodie: Rice To Riches

NYC Tastes: Street Sweets

Serious Eats: Tres Leches Cake at Mayahuel

Margo Patisserie Café Opens

Via Free Williamsburg.

Margo Patisserie Café
667 Driggs Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This new bakery opened last week and is owned by a couple, Margaret and Kris Kozlowska (aw! I love couples that bake together). At the moment they are offering only tarts, cookies, and pastries, but plan to include soup and sandwiches later on. They also have free WiFi.

8 Cent Cinnabon Cupcakes

On May 18th between 11AM-8PM, the first 888 Cinnabon customers who have this mobile coupon text to their phones will get a cupcake for just 8 cents. Offer valid at Cinnabon's Penn Station location only.

Free Pinkberry Samples

Original photo can be found here.

On May 18th from 5PM-8PM get a free Pinkberry sample and a coupon for a free mini yogurt.

For more information, including participating locations, click here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snow Cones at Anthos

36 West 52 St. (between 5th & 6th ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 582-6900

Snow cones have hit the dessert menu at Anthos and include custom crafted flavors such as Lemon & Ouzo, Coconut & Cucumber-Mint, Cherry & Mahlepi and Watermelon & Mint.

The snow cones are made by Anthos’ executive pastry chef Erin Burns and will be served in paper cones so customers can walk out with the treats, which cost $3 each.

Thanks to Lois at The Door for the info!

Les Mercredis au Chocolat -Wine & Chocolate

Via The City Sweet Tooth.

What: Michel Cluizel chocolate and South African wine tasting!

When: Wednesday, May 12th, 6-8PM

Where: Boutique Michel Cluizel
584 5th Avenue, New York

Cost: $20 per person

To RSVP email with first name, last name and credit card information or call at 646.415.9126 as space is very limited! Since the event is tomorrow, I'd suggest calling ASAP to see if space is still available.

The Rickshaw Truck Introduces Popsicles

Via Fork in the Road.

But they are calling them "nice-icles".

From the blog:
So far, the flavors include Mango Lassi, Calamansi, and Thai Coffe. In its description of the Mango Lassi pop, the website proclaims, "you'd never find such a tasty treat from the creepy guy peddling his wares in a Mr. Softee truck."

Um, okay.

Free Häagen-Dazs

Original photo can be found here.

Via Grub Street NY.

Thursyday, May 13th Häagen-Dazs will be giving out free ice cream at Gristedes (350 E 86th St) from 11AM-3PM. They price on cartons will also be rolled back to 99cents.

Friday May 14th, the new shop located at 120 Montague Street in Brooklyn will also offer free ice cream from 1-10PM. There will be live music!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Treats Class with Liddabit Sweets

What: Spring Treats with Liddabit Sweets

When: Tuesday, May 25th. 6:30PM

Where: The Brooklyn Kitchen
100 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Cost: $65

Spring is a great time to get your fingers covered in chocolate! Liz Gutman and Jen King of Liddabit Sweets prepare delicious spring themed confections that you can give away to your friends... if you can keep your hands off of them. Come and discover the magic of candy you make yourself with these talented ladies. Each student will go home with the recipes demonstrated and a sample of the sweets prepared.
Class duration: 1.5 hours
You are not required to bring anything with you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cupcake Stop Opened Today

Via Eater NY.

Cupcake Stop
Limelight Marketplace, 1st Floor
47 West 20th Street, (corner of 6th Avenue)
Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This is Cupcake Stops first brick and mortar location!

Pastry Basics Class

Via Serious Eats.

What: Pastry Basics

When: Saturday, May 8. 11:30am-1:30pm

Where: Adour Alain Ducasse at The St. Regis New York
2 East 55th Street (at Fifth Avenue)

Cost: $75 Reservations required

Chef Sandro Micheli will help get your pastry skills up to par. He will teach the basics, such as chocolate-chip cookies, followed by a tasting and a dinner (your creations will be served at the end of your meal).

Sweet Ways to Spend Mothers Day in New York

In case you haven't noticed, sweet stores everywhere are looking to treat your mom this Mothers Day. Here are all the deals I've come across this past week in one place, enjoy!

Free Tasti D-Lite on Mothers Day.

Free Coconut Cake Anthos and Mia Dona.

Free TCBY Small Cone or Cup on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Ice Cream & Cookies Tour.

Mother's Day Chocolate Walking Tour.

"Because She Deserves It"- make your own gift basket made of chocolate dipped strawberries at Boutique Michel Cluizel

Via the New York Times: Treats for Mom to Nibble on Her Day

Mothers Day Treats via The City Sweet Tooth

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar has a 3 course $39.00 prix fixe.

Mother's Day Brunch at Kyotofu: To Reserve: Call 212-974-6012. Seats are limited! See my blog entry about it here.

This Weeks (and last weeks) Sweet Reviews

Fork in the Road: Popbar's Chocolate-Coated Banana Popsicle

Serious Eats: The Best and Worst of Dean & Deluca's 15 Licorice Varieties

Dessert Buzz NYC: Hi-End Ding-Dongs: Bee Desserts in the West Village

Serious Eats: Mondel's Chocolates: Vintage Sweets in Morningside Heights

Serious Eats: Eclairs at Duane Park Patisserie

Queenie Takes Manhattan: DessertTruck Works brioche doughnut filled with Nutella

Candy Blog: KitKats: Royal Milk Tea, Ginger Ale, Bubbly Strawberry, Kinako Ohagi & Milk Coffee

Always Hungry NY: Il Cantuccio’s Pancioc

Feisty Foodie: Maggie Moo’s

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog: Chocolate from Nunu Chocolates

Serious Eats: Two Takes on Matcha Cakes

Serious Eats: Vegan Cupcakes at Cocoa V

Food in Mouth: The Blue Stove

The Foodista: Da Franco's Refreshing Gelato

Cookie Madness: Favorite Cocoa Layer Cake

Serious Eats: Shortbreads at Cha-An

Banana Wonder: Are 6 Oz Chocolate Chip Cookies the new Cupcakes?: Levain Bakery

Queenie Takes Manhattan: Dirt Candy
A Passion for Food: Dirt Candy

Wandering Foodie: Billy’s Bakery TriBeCa

NYC Tastes: Whoopie Cookie & Treats at Corrado Corrado Bakery

Eatery Row: Van Leeuwen

Life with Food & Drink: More chocolate--and tea--than you can handle at Burdick's

Life with Food & Drink: Mr. Softee, a celebratory treat

Caketease: DessertTruck Works

Queenie Takes Manhattan: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Serious Eats: Ensaimada and Cafe con Leche at El Quinto Pino

Serious Eats: Champagne and Strawberry at Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Serious Eats: Nes Frappe at Artopolis

New York Times: Village Tart and the Spot Dessert Bar

Serious Eats: Whoopie Pies at The Lobster Place

Serious Eats: B Cafe at Bloomingdales

Serious Eats: Eating Our Way Through The Menu at Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Serious Eats: Jewels and Puddings at Three Tarts

Eating in Translation: Morrone Pastry Shop and Cafe

Feisty Foodie: Spot Dessert Bar (again)

Feisty Foodie: Martha’s Country Bakery – Strawberry Shortcake

Feisty Foodie: Cupcake Crawl EPIC

Time Out NY: The Feed: Our top ten Bakeries

Always Hungry: Bomboloni on Columbus

Fork in the Road: Twinkies Go Posh at Park Slope's Trois Pommes Patisserie

Fork in the Road: Gold Label Gourmet Food's Raisin and Cheese Pastry

Cupcakes Take the Cake: Cupcakes at Mama's Food Shop! & Mama's Food Shop, cupcakes revisited

Review: Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Little Cupcake Bakeshop
9102 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 680-4465

Items ordered:
Cookie dough cupcake
Apple crumb muffin
Pistachio ice box cake slice

Cost: slightly over $6

Rating out of 5:
Items are rated individually- see below!

Rating out of 5:

I have no love for this cupcake. Nothing here tasted like cookie dough, such a disappointment. The frosting was creamier than Magnolia's, but still not good. The cake could have been fresher.

Rating out of 5:

Another disappointing pastry. It was dry and mostly flavorless. This looks so much better than it tastes.

Rating out of 5:

I don't know how they could do something so right after getting two other items so wrong, but the pistachio ice box cake was delicious. Its heavier than whipped cream but lighter than a mousse. I felt it could have used more actual cake to balance out the strong pistachio flavor and creamy texture. There were even real bits of nut in here, I'd come back to this bakery just for this item.

Divine Desserts Hosted by Jacques Torres

Via Grub Street NY.

What: Divine Desserts Hosted by Jacques Torres

When: Friday, May 21st, 9PM- Midnight

Where: Under a grand tent on Columbus Ave. & W.77th St.

Cost: Special: 2 for $130 $75 Individual Admission. Buy tickets here, they will be mailed to you.

From the site:
Hosted by acclaimed pastry Chef Jacques Torres, Divine Desserts features delectable creations from some of the best Upper West Side pastry chefs. These confectionary whizzes will be serving up their signature sweets all night long. Divine Desserts will feature local talent, including: Vera Tong of Dovetail, Jerry Thornton of Compass, Pichet Ong of Spot Dessert Bar & Village Tart, Magnolia Bakery, Alice's Teacup and many more! Plus, nationally acclaimed mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim will be stirring up some exquisite dessert libations alongside top bartenders who will be crafting some of their own exciting signature cocktails. Entertainment throughout the evening.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review: Ivy Bakery

Ivy Bakery
278 87th St (Off 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 833-1626

Items ordered:

Oatmeal raisin cookie
German chocolate cookie
2 Banana squares

Cost: About $9

Rating out of 5:

I didn't get to Ivy Bakery in time to see the Cupcake Eating Contest, but I did get to buy some baked goods!

I'm not a fan of raisins. Actually, most of the time I hate raisins, and this cookie was chock full of um. The cookie itself had a great taste though, with a hint of spice and a gingerbread-like taste. I'd give the cookie itself 3 1/2 cakes out of 5, but with the raisins I could only eat a few bites.

German chocolate anything seems like a pretty gross combination. Chocolate and pecans go great together, but the addition of coconut never seemed to fit. The cookie isn't as crisp as it looks, I ate the edges. I want to say this tasted slightly (very, very slightly) of mint, but I don't quite trust my taste buds.
I think I'm done trying German chocolate baked goods :P

This square is very similar to the apple square Ivy Bakery makes, only with bananas. So, its amazingly delicious! Super moist, packed with brown sugar and cinnamon. I could eat these things all freakin day. This item alone gets a 5 out of 5.

Related Posts: Ivy Bakery Lockdown V Coverage

20% Off online Purchases at Little Pie Company

Until May 7th, use the discount code MOTHERSDAY2010 at Little Pie Company to receive 20% off your entire online purchase!

Mother's Day Brunch at Kyotofu

Original photo can be found here.

: Special 3 Course Brunch Menu Including Japanese Teas & Champagne

When: Sunday, May 9th, noon - 5:00pm

Where: Kyotofu
705 Ninth Avenue (between 48th and 49th)
New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212-974-6012

Cost: $18 (excl. tax and tip)

Mother's Day Menu

Apricot Ginger Scones

Choice of:
Japanese Brioche French Toast
Kurobuta Berkshire Sausage
Shiitake Mushroom Quiche
Naganegi and Artisanal Cheeses
Chicken & Tofu Burger
Housemade Sweet Potato Chips

Dessert Sampler
Signature Sweet Tofu
Green Tea & Strawberry Dorayaki

Take-home Gifts for Mom
Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes- Awarded "New York's Best Cupcake" by New York Magazine

Complimentary Japanese Teas & glass of Champagne to toast Mom!

Free Tasti D-Lite on Mothers Day

Via Eater NY.

On Mothers Day Tasti D-Lite will be giving away FREE small cups and cones to all mothers.

Free Coconut Cake Anthos and Mia Dona

Via Eater NY.

On Mothers Day, both Anthos and Mia Dona will be offering FREE slices of homemade coconut cake to all mothers, which comes with the recipe from Donatella Cooks cookbook. Mia Dona will also offer mothers free Martini & Rossi Bianco cocktails.

36 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 582-6900

Mia Dona
206 East 58th Street
New York, NY 10022-2001
(212) 750-8170

Free TCBY Small Cone or Cup on Mother's Day

Via Pulse JFK.

On Mothers Day (May 9th) TCBY will be giving out free small cups & cones of any flavor of yogurt to mothers and grandmothers.

Locations within the 5 boroughs:

1640 York Ave
New York, NY 10028
(212) 327-3869

Atlantic Terminal
139 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 230-7067

Queens Center Mall
90-15 Queens Blvd Ste 1036
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(718) 271-7893

18816 Union Tpke
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
(718) 479-8229

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Popbar Opens

Via The Feed.

5 Carmine St at Sixth Ave

Popbar sells homemade gelato served on sticks in 25 rotating flavors, and come with all kinds of toppings like coffee beans, biscotti, and chocolates.

General Greene Ice Cream Cart is Open

Via A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

General Greene
229 Dekalb ave (corner of Dekalb and Clermont)
Fort Greene, Brooklyn
(718) 222-1510

The ice cream cart is now open, with different flavors on rotation, 6 offered at any given time (the neighborhoods favorite- salted caramel pretzel - is always available).

FreeTasting Of Ben and Jerry's BonnaRooBuzz

Original photo can be found here.

Via NYC Daily Deals.

Tonight between 5-7PM go to any Ben & Jerry's for a free taste of their new flavor, BonnaRooBuzz, light coffee & malt ice cream with whiskey caramel swirls & English toffee pieces.

Ben & Jerry's Third Ave.
41 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Macys Herald Square
Macys - 4th Floor
151 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Ben & Jerry's Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Plaza
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10020

Orens Grand Central Station
Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017

Ben & Jerry's 104th & Broadway
2722 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

50% off at Little Pie Company

Original photo can be found here.

Via Yipit.

Get $30 worth of baked goods for $15 from Little Pie Company with this coupon.

The coupon is good at either of Little Pie Company's two locations:
424 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
295 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007

Limit 1 per person per day. Not valid for online orders or future orders. Entire value must be used in one visit. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Expires 11/03/10.

50% Off Chocolates at 5th Avenue Chocolatiere

Via Yipit.

Get $30 worth of chocolate for $15 at 5th Avenue Chocolatiere with this coupon.

The coupon is good at two of their locations:
693 Third Avenue at 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017
11 Madison Avenue, New York
(212) 684-7300

Expires 11/03/2010. Limit 4 vouchers per purchase. Can not be combined with other offers.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ivy Bakery Cupcake Eating Contest

I attempted to get out to Ivy Bakery's Cupcake Eating Contest. I really did. But the hour and a half commute turned into a two hour and a half commute, and by the time I got there the event was way over and the crowd had completely dispersed. Which was fine, I made the best of it, and got to visit another bakery not far from Ivy's (reviews for both bakeries coming within the week). I also got to explore the absolutely beautiful neighborhood of Bay Ridge (its not easy for me to fall in love with a neighborhood, but when it happens it hits like a ton of bricks). I even stumbled on a couple of garage sales and scored some cute shot glasses and coasters.

Anyway, here is some actual coverage of the event from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

And sorry for taking the entire last week off. I'm back now, and re-immersing myself into sugar culture ;)

Here are some pictures of beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Frozen Pie on a Stick at Duane Park's Griff’s Gelato

Via Eater NY & Tribeca Citizen.

Duane Park's ice cream kiosk Griff’s Gelato will open May 15th, and if the weather is nice enough it will be open on weekends prior to that date.

Gelato flavors include Swiss chocolate, dark chocolate with malt swirl, lemon meringue, sesame brittle, tiramisu, vanilla bean, Devonshire clotted cream with strawberries, and s’mores.
Other items include peanut butter malted milk balls, bubblegum, root beer floats, vanilla-chocolate turtles, and frozen yogurt in the following flavors: blackberry lemon, banana caramel, strawberry, and chocolate raspberry.

Of course, the biggest news is the newest addition to the menu: Griffs will be turning their favorite pies into gelato, freezing them on a stick, and dipping them in a crust. That sounds more then amazing.

Duane Park
157 Duane Street
New York, NY
(212) 732-5555

NuNu Chocolates Available at Sweetleaf in Queens


Nunu Chocolates
are now available at Sweetleaf in Long Island City, Queens!

10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City
(917) 832 6726

God Buns Market Opens

Via Fork in the Road.

Lots of names here!

Allison Kave (founder of First Prize Pies) and her mother Rhonda Kave ("eponymous owner" of Roni-Sue's Chocolates) have come together with Sarivole Organic Bakery and Fatty 'Cue's Jori Emde to bring us
God Buns market in the outdoor area next to Fatty Cue. I'm not sure if the market is only open on Sundays, as the title of the article linked above seems to suggest.

Fatty Cue
91 South 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 599-3090

Miss Softee Returns

Via Midtown Lunch.

After completing her permit renewal paperwork, Miss Softee will be back on the road June 1st. She'll be bringing some new items with her, including some of her own baked goods like chocolate chip bars, butterscotch bars, pecan bars, her secret family recipe crumb cake, whole poached fruits and more.

La Bella Torte Popup Store

For one day only, May 7th from 4PM-10PM, La Bella Torte will open their pop-up store at Cozy Royale, located at 434 Humboldt Street at Jackson Street, in Brooklyn.

Sweet offerings include cannolis, biscotti, cookies, cheesecake, sfogliatelle, and dessert dippers.

Il Cantuccio Opens

Via The New York Times.

Il Cantuccio
91 Christopher Street (Seventh Avenue South)
(212) 647-8787

The specialty is cantucci and cantuccini, which are like biscotti, only softer. For New York they have developed flavors like chocolate chunk and fig.

A kind of focaccia called schiacciata (on Mr. Bertini’s peel), made plain or stuffed with meats or vegetables, and cookies like brutti ma buoni, croissants and fruit tarts are being baked.

They are also making salt-free Tuscan bread. The saltiness of the regional salamis and pecorino more than compensates for the blandness.

Margo Opens in Williamsburg

Via NBC New York's Feast.

667 Driggs Ave., near Fillmore Pl.,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Margo will feature French pastries and wifi, and hopes to add soups and salads to the menu soon too.

Two New Bakeries Open in Chinatown

Via Grub Street NY.

Queen Bakery
150 Mott St., near Grand St.

Golden Manna, Inc.
16 Bowery, near Pell St.
212-274-8816 or 8817

Mother's Day Ice Cream & Cookies Tour

Original photo can be found here.

: Ice Cream & Cookies Tour

When: May 9th, 11AM

Where: Insomnia Cookies NYU
50 West 8th Street, (bet. 5 & 6 Aves.)

Cost: $5 per person

The tour will visit Insomia Cookies, L'Arte del Gelato, Milk & Cookies Bakery, and Ronnybrook Farms.

BabyCakes Do-it-Yourself Cookie Kit

Original photo can be found here.

This is very cool.

has an awesome addition to their menu: the DIY chocolate chip cookie kit. Some folks may not be aware, but this is special because vegan and gluten free baked goods are hella expensive to make, especially if you don't already have the necessary materials on hand (and most of us who are not vegans or allergic to gluten usually don't).

Each batch makes about 40 cookies and costs only $26. The kits will be available May 7th and can also be shipped.