Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Revisiting Little Cakes in Whitestone

Little Cakes
14-33 150st
Whitestone, NY 11357
(718) 746-1020

Monday & Tuesday-closed
Wednesday - Friday 12PM-8PM
Saturday & Sunday- 10AM-4PM

Overall rating out of 5:

I was surprised and flattered when Christina, owner of the new-ish cupcakery in Whitestone Queens commented on my blog to tell me she revised her recipes based on my opinions! So two weeks ago I made my way out there once again to taste her revamped creations, and to actually introduce myself. I'm quite shy unless I'm angry about something, so I had to work up the courage to say hi. But Christina is super friendly and we ended up chatting about how much Queens kicks ass (oh yes it does, all you naysayers).

I did get these cupcakes for FREE (the first time I've ever gotten free baked goods as a result of my food blogger status!), and as I've seen other bloggers do, I'll take this moment to state that my review and opinion was in no way effected by the freeness of said cupcakes ;)

First up: vanilla!

The vanilla cupcakes are definitely way less corn muffin-like than they were the first time I tried them. They now have the consistency and taste of a traditional cupcake. What I like about Christina's cupcakes are that they're more dense than your usual cupcake. Don't get me wrong, light and fluffy has its place, but a heavier cake helps balance out the sweet frosting. A good cupcake!

The lemon cupcake:

Oh my, lemon is not my flavor. It feels like I'm eating cake soaked in Pine Sol, and its no reflection on this specific cupcake (which I swear practically squished with freshness from my first bite). This is my first lemon flavored pastry ever, I've avoided them up until this point because I'm not a fan of lemon flavored things. The cake has more of a hint of lemon, the icing is what packs the punch.

The coffee cake cupcake:

really wanted to like this cupcake, but its seems to be difficult to put together. So I still think this cupcake needs a little more work. The crumb is more evenly distributed, but it falls off the cupcake when you bite into it. Its also less like the top of a crumb cake and more like pure brown sugar grouped into clumps. I liked the taste of the first version better, the crumb part just needed to cover the entire top of the cake instead of one side. I don't doubt that this is more difficult than it sounds, but I think its worth pursuing, because I don't think I've seen a coffee cake cupcake being offered anywhere else!

The red velvet cupcake:

The cake is too heavy and dense and still has too much cocoa powder for my taste. I completely avoided the frosting cuz, you know, cream cheese! One day I will convince the rest of the world that cream cheese icing doesn't do red velvet cakes justice ;)

The chocolate cupcake:

There are walnuts in this cupcake! I love walnuts and chocolate together. Very dense cake. I usually don't eat chocolate on chocolate. I...have issues with chocolate. Our relationship has been on the rocks for many years now. The chocolate flavor isn't too intense, which I prefer. An overall enjoyable cupcake.

The bedrock cupcake:

I find that Fruity Pebbles and cake usually go well together, and this cupcake is no exception. I love the candy like taste the bits of cereal give.

The rainbow cookie cupcake:

I've saved the best for last! The frosting is
so much better since its been changed! The frosting is now more fudge like, with a deeper, more rich chocolate taste. You can see the difference in color when compared to the old frosting right away. I feel like the flavors work in harmony now. And as always, the cake itself is delicious, filled with almondy goodness. I pretty much inhaled this. If you go to Little Cakes, this is the cupcake you must try.

I hope Christina isn't upset with my (totally untrained and non-professional) opinions >_< A 3/5 means I definitely enjoyed the items I ate, and that I think other people should go and enjoy them too!

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