Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Yoplait Light Red Velvet Cake Yogurt

Yoplait Light Fat Free Red Velvet Cake Yogurt

Cost: $1.09

Found at: Waldbaum's at Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Bayside Queens

Rating out of 5:

So here's the thing: I don't like yogurt. But when I found out that red velvet cake yogurt existed, I had to track it down and try it. So I decided to try my luck at the same place that my friend had found Cupcake Pebbles, and after digging through a bunch of boring regular flavors, I reached towards the very back of the shelf and pulled out my prize. This Waldbaum's is now my go to place for specialty mass produced food products, by the way.

I pull back the seal to get my first peek and...Oh boy, Pepto Bismol pink!

I guess even with all the red 40 they couldn't get the color to actually be red.

Stirring it about doesn't change the color either.

No matter, I move on to my first spoonful. Its not good, but its not terrible either. My roommate (who likes yogurt) also tried it, and he said he tasted cream cheese more than anything else, like the traditional frosting that would go on a red velvet cake. I do not like cream cheese icing, so I was trying very hard to pinpoint other flavors, but cream cheese mostly dominates.

I think the problem is that red velvet cake has a distinct flavor, and the ingredients that define red velvet seem to be apple cider vinegar (or just vinegar depending on who you talk to- but those people would be wrong), cocoa powder, buttermilk, and red coloring. There is no cocoa flavor, and obviously no buttermilk flavor. There is however a hint of vinegar. Like the Cupcake Pebbles, this also tastes more like the batter of the cake than the finished product. Its more tart and acidic than red velvet batter though.

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