Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Cupcake Pebbles

NEW Post Cupcake Pebbles.

Found at: The Waldbaum's in Bay Terrace Shopping Mall, Bayside Queens.

Rating out of 5:

Maybe some of you are thinking, Four out of five? Really? But all I ask is that you keep in mind that this is a cereal, not a dessert or a pastry (though I've taken to calling it a dessert cereal). It is not meant to have a complex layering of flavors, or an interesting texture. Its cereal! And damn good cereal.

My awesome friend saw the Cupcake Pebbles in the supermarket and remembered my exited post on Facebook about how I must find and consume the cereal after seeing them on Cupcakes Take The Cake. She surprised me with them last night just as the snow started to fall! So perfect, and so sweet (thanks hun!).

As other reports have stated, as soon as you open the bag the smell of cupcake batter hits you, but its not overpowering. The pebbles have these jolly little rainbow spots.

So how do they taste? Like slightly crunchy vanilla cupcake batter. In my opinion, they taste nothing like a baked batch of cupcakes. I usually prefer my cereal dry, if I prefer it at all. But the cereals I do like are super sugary, and in this case the milk makes them even sweeter. It also doesn't get soggy in an unreasonably short about of time.

Sooooo good. I'm almost done with the box, so I'll be scanning all supermarket cereal aisles for em.

I'm not sure if it was waking up to mountains of snow that made me extra giddy, but I swear the cupcakey goodness was even better today.

Happy snow day guys!

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