Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Christmas Goodies

Christmas?! I know, I'm all kinds of late. But I've got a few holiday themed baked goods I meant to get to, and it seems silly to wait till next year, when I'll have completely forgotten what they taste like.

First, the processed disappointment: Friendly's Peppermint Stick Roll.
Rating out of 5:

This is how the peppermint roll is depicted on the box:

From the box: "Delicious green and white peppermint ice cream decorated with a white mint ice cream ribbon, marshmallow topping and refreshing peppermint candy pieces"

Looks good doesn't it?

This is what it really looks like:
It tastes like it looks. And those candy pieces? They are actually peppermint flavored goo, not a solid piece to be found. I'm also not sure how the fake "marshmallow" topping got to be freezer burned so fast since it was in a sealed box. The texture of the other parts could be best described as slimy. This thing was fucking nauseating, after a few bites and a quick photo, it went in the trash.

Next up are Demel's gingerbread cookies.
Located at The Plaza Hotel, One West 58th Street
Rating out of 5:

Again, an item that tastes how it looks. Perhaps your thinking, "But those look wonderful!". But think about this for a moment: do you really want rock hard icing coating your entire gingerbread cookie? Maybe you do, maybe lots of people do, but I call this a waste of a perfectly good cookie. From what I could tell, the gingerbread itself was decent, nothing to write home about, but the icing makes the whole thing disgusting. I threw out the one I bit into and gave the other away. I have a fond memory of Demel as a child, so I look forward to trying some of their delicious fresh pastries in the future.

We end with processed surprise: Entenmann's Holiday Crescents
Rating out of 5:

These were offered to me by a friend, and I was not expecting such a good cookie, especially since I don't really like Entenmann's. Sure, their nothing like homemade crescents, but they still have a sweet taste. The perfect amount of powdered sugar was applied. Its an all around solid snack, I'd buy them if I saw them in a supermarket.

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