Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: La Dolce Via

La Dolce Via
12-58 150st
Whitestone, NY
(718) 747-3652

Items ordered: Cannoli dream cake, rainbow cookie cake, amaretto gelato

Rating out of 5:

I really wanted to like this place, mainly because its so darn cute inside. They have a pink vespa in one window and festively painted walls, but I wasn't impressed with what I tried.
However, I'd be willing to come back to try more gelato flavors, because I don't think its fair to judge them based on one flavor, one time. Its their pastries I was really disappointed in.

The amaretto gelato was alright, I thought the flavor was pretty weak though and I got bored with it fast.

UGH. Looks pretty, doesn't it? I had no reason to think this wouldn't be delicious, which made the let down so much worse. It tastes nothing like cannoli cream, it tastes cream cheese based. I can eat cream cheese on bagels, but on nothing else, and in no other form. I understand people think I'm crazy, but no matter what other ingredients are added it always tastes like
pure cream cheese. Cinnabon's icing is an exception, but I doubt there is any real cream cheese in there.

The rainbow cake also looked delicious, but didn't have much of an almond flavor and it had a strange aftertaste I couldn't quite place.

Maybe I went on an off day, but I couldn't even finish the two mini cakes I bought. Sad.

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