Monday, August 23, 2010

August Cannoli Crawl

What: NYC Food Crawl August Cannoli Crawl

When: Thursday, August 26th, 7-10PM

Where: RSVP on Facebook or email the organizers at
for the location

Cost: Free to attend, you pay for your food

From the Facebook event page:
For those among you fabulous food lovers who are new to crawling, here's ho...w we roll: a meetup location is announced a couple days before the crawl, and folks assemble there at the appointed time. We'll break out into groups of about 5 or 6 and route assignments are distributed. (Some folks know who they want to crawl with and some don't. It's all good- either way, you'll probably go home with new friends! If you don't have a group we help put y'all together.)

We generally suggest chucking in about $5-6 to a group money pot and appointing someone to be the team "captain" to handle orders for you.

If that's up your alley (and of course it is!), shoot me an RSVP via Facebook (or

And as always, feel free to send questions, comments, random declarations of love, etc. to

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