Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Pasticceria Amore

Pasticceria Amore
107-06 71st Road
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 261-1349

Items ordered: One quarter pound Rainbow cookies, 2 mini cannolis, 2 cream puffs, and rum baba.

Cost: $9.50

Overall Rating out of 5:

I really wanted to like Pasticceria Amore. Austin Street is the perfect place for a good bakery, and Martha's Country Bakery doesn't come close to filling that need. The staff at Amore are friendly and helpful, and the prices are reasonable, but the pastries themselves were lacking.

The rainbow cookies barely had any almond flavor, the bitterness of the jam overpowered the rest of the cookie. The outside of the cream puffs were too soft, the cream inside was decent, as were the cannolis (we also happened to get the very last two so they probably weren't as fresh as they could have been). The biggest disappointment was the mini rum baba. Its a cream filled pastry soaked in rum with a cherry on top, but there was no rum taste at all. Instead it tasted and smelled exactly like maple syrup! I ended up pouring the rum out just to make sure it wasn't. I don't care for maple flavored things, so I couldn't really enjoy it.

The inside of the rum baba.

According to one commenter on the blog Eatery Row, this is the second location of La Dolce Italia Bakery, located at 104-05 Metropolitan Ave.

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