Friday, December 18, 2009

Mailing Cookies

This was the first Christmas that I've sent cookies out to people across the country. Its the first time I've sent any baked goods out through the mail.

I used the guidelines I found on Cookies in Motion.

I only sent out sugar cookies, since the icing hardens and doesn't smudge. The cookies are probably more brittle than is ideal for shipping, but I'm hoping they make the trip okay anyway.

Make sure your cookies have cooled completely before you ice them, and then make sure the frosting has set before packing them. I bought my tins from CVS for about $2.99 each and was able to fit about 15-20 cookies inside each one (including those mini gingerbread men in the picture).

I shipped them in a medium sized flat rate box and covered each box in a layer of bubble wrap. They could have used more bubble wrap around them, there was still room in the boxes for the tins to be jostled. For three tins, shipping to three different states at the same rate, it cost me about $33.

Happy Holidays!

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