Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review: Godiva Biscuits

Godiva's 36 piece Biscuit Gift Box

Cost: $25

Overall rating out of 5:

As I've mentioned before, I no longer buy anything from Godiva because of the steady decline in the quality of their products. But I received their assortment of biscuits as a gift, and it didn't offer any surprises.

The selection: Godiva Signature (biscuit & milk chocolate), Hazelnut Praline (chocolate hazelnut cream between two biscuits, bottomed & edged with milk chocolate), Petite Mousse (biscuit filled with chocolate mousse, bottom dipped in dark chocolate), Dark Truffle Heart (biscuit topped with dark chocolate filled with chocolate truffle cream), Raspberry Premiere (biscuit with raspberry cream covered in dark chocolate), Chocolate Lune (2 hazelnut wafers filled with chocolate cream, half dipped in dark chocolate), and Hazelnut Belgique (meringue biscuit topped with hazelnut pieces covered in dark chocolate & drizzled with milk chocolate).

Nothing good comes out of this box, which is a shame because as usual the presentation is lovely. The biscuits are not buttery, like the chocolate their tasteless. I literally can't give them away, people don't want to eat them. The ones I disliked the least were the plain Godiva Signature (the corner pieces) and the Hazelnut Praline (the pieces with the white G). I can say without any exaggeration that your better off buying Le Petit Ecolier.

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