Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Save the Pink Tea Cup! (OT)

To quote restaurant critic Ryan Sutton, "This was the year of the mediocre opening and the high-profile closing". I couldn't agree more (you know, as someone who wouldn't know high end food if it bit her in the ass).

I've never been to the Pink Tea Cup, and I'm sad to say that what's driving my attempt to eat there this month is that they're set to close January 3rd unless they can come up with $100,000 to buy the restaurant. They've been serving big portions of classic Southern soul food for 55 years, and refuse to pass the cost of higher rents onto their customers.

What can YOU do?
1- Go there, and eat something yummy
2- Join the Save the Pink Tea Cup Facebook page
3- Make a donation on their Paypal Page.
4- Drop by Pink Tea Cup on January 3rd for a fundraiser (and tell everyone you know about it)

And if your wondering why I'm blogging about this...I'm going to say its because they also have a dessert menu (with freakin sweet potato pie!).

Pink Tea Cup
42 Grove Street

Update: You can also check out their blog here.


  1. Lucy, we're reading this again and wow! Thank you a million times over! Now, please get to PTC and taste your helping of chicken, cornbread, greens, mac &cheese with a yummy Arnold Palmer! Chat soon! ~Team Teacup

  2. No problem! My blog is new and doesn't have many readers anyway, but I did donate this morning ;)