Sunday, October 25, 2009

Review: Pasticceria Bruno

Pasticceria Bruno
506 Laguardia Pl
New York, NY, US
(212) 982-5854

Items ordered: mango passion fruit mousse(?); tiramisu gelato; hazelnut gelato; chocolate gelato; cream puff; banana & chocolate petite four; hazelnut chocolate; opera cake; fig tart; one unknown pastry; marzipan; three cups of tea, double espresso, latte.

Cost: $55

From their business card: "Our mission is to set the Standards, improve each day, and deliver Excellence".

Me and four friends came running into Bruno's from the pouring rain earlier tonight (not too long after a disappointing experience at Nightmare haunted house). I had been here once before, with the same people actually, because one of my friends is a former pastry chef and she thinks very highly of this place. There were five of us (hence the shockingly high price), so it took us awhile to get settled at one of the tables. Then we ordered a whole bunch of stuff.

Hazelnut chocolate: Low key hazelnut flavor and high quality chocolate. I still felt like it was missing something though. 3/5

Cream Puff: This was the first cream puff I've ever had, so I'm not sure what its 'supposed' to taste like. The outside was extremely hard, I actually couldn't get my fork into it. I thought it was stale but my friend told me cream puffs are supposed to be hard on the outside. The cream on the inside was good and had a nice sweetness. 2/5

Banana & chocolate petit four (to the right of the picture): I'm not sure what kind of chocolate was on top, but it was over-powering and inedible. And the banana was basically impossible to taste, not a good balance at all. 0/5

Opera cake: Terrible. My chef friend had some and said it was excellent. Different strokes. I had three bites and left the rest :P 0/5

Hazelnut gelato: Tasted more like coffee, not my thing 1/5

Tiramisu gelato: Extremely delicious! Light but sweet flavor 5/5

Halloween marzipan: Sorry he's half eaten, he started out as a very cute pumpkin. The marzipan was fresh 5/5

My friend and her SO got a couple of very fancy looking pastries that I didn't try, and I'm guessing at the names at the moment. She had they were great.

Passion fruit mousse (I think)

Unknown, but the wrap was almond.

Overall rating out of 5:

Me and my friend have extremely different palates, and if you have a more sophisticated taste, you'll probably like this bakery. I still stand in line 20 minutes for Magnolia's red velvet cake ;)

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