Thursday, April 8, 2010

People Are Still Bitching About Cupcakes

Oh noes, people still love cupcakes! Isn't that just obnoxious?

Not as obnoxious as bitching about cupcakes. OC Weekly is complaining about old news, Butch Bakery. "Can we please be done with the cupcake fad now?"

This UK article from Times Online says "time for the backlash to begin".

Its pathetic how late to the game almost every fucking article complaining about cupcakes is.

As usual, every time a story comes out about how irritating the cupcake "craze" is, I encourage everyone who happens to stumble upon my blog to buy a cupcake today! Or as soon as possible. Let the anti-cupcake community know your listening.

And, since they're are two articles, you can definitely use this as an excuse to buy two cupcakes ;)

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