Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Latest Insanity: New York Bans Bake Sales

No more bake sales, they're being replaced by Doritos and Poptarts.

I have no words for this...

Okay, maybe I have a lot of words.

Fuck stupidity. Fuck deals with corporations masquerading as concern for the well being of city children.

Public school lunches are still packed with meat fast food giants wouldn't use, as well as meals comprised of processed foods chock full of preservatives. But that is not a pressing issue- promoting the sale of MORE processed foods is. If they really cared, they would ban the use of the foods they themselves are using, instead of saying things like the following: "We have meals served in the cafeteria that meet those standards, and we want our children to eat there.”- Kathleen Grimm, deputy chancellor for infrastructure and portfolio planning, who oversees the regulation.

Everyone knows that obesity is not caused simply by consuming high calorie foods. Its a combination of OVER-eating and lack of physical activity, so moderation and exercise is key, just like its always been.

The ban doesn't apply to just baked goods, but anything home made. So that international lunch I had the privilege of being a part of in my high school is no more.

Homemade baked goods were around long before high fructose corn syrup, and they will be here after. Don't think for one moment the people who made this decision don't know that these approved additive filled foods are not good for your kids. They simply don't care. And that should piss you off very, very much.

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