Monday, January 11, 2010

No Deep Fried Cupcakes at ChipShop!

Apparently the Chip Shop was having a problem serving the promised deep fried cupcakes this weekend. After all the foodies tweeted and blogged about the goodies, reports started coming in that there we none! In fact, the staff at the Chip Shop seemed to have no idea what customers were talking about (unless you knew the folks who worked there?).

On Robicellis Twitter page, they said Chip Shop told them they had a problem with the oil. Then were told that if we get them at Blue Apron and bring them to them to the Chip Shop, they will fry them, but they can't do large amounts regularly. Then, Robicellis suggests that perhaps they didn't inform their weekend staff of the special, but they don't really know what happened.

Then yesterday Cupcakes Take the Cake got a message from Robicellis, who still doesn't know exactly what happened, but it seems like they sold out of the cupcakes on Friday, the first day they were offered. She mentions a free cupcake giveaway with the writers of the blog Fucked in Park Slope "over the weekend", so I'm not sure if that means they've already given them out last weekend, or they will be giving them out this weekend. If your interested you should follow Robicellis Twitter page or keep an eye on CTTC in case they offer more details.

Update: According to Serious Eats, the owner of ChipShop says he was never told about about the promotion.

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