Monday, December 7, 2009

The Daily News Talks Cupcakes

The article doesn't seem to have a real point, its just rehashing what's already been rehashed under the pretense of covering the new Tonnie's Minis location in Harlem.

It does however mention who was behind the study that looks for a correlation between cupcake shops and gentrification I first saw mentioned on the BBC's website.

Its Kathe Newman, an assistant professor of urban planning and policy development at Rutgers University. It was brought up in an interview at Cakespy in July. But all the links for the project are dead. This is a snippet of what was apparently on the site when it was active:

"NYC has witnessed an extraordinary influx of capital since the early 1990s that has pushed gentrification into the far reaches of the city. We will locate the new gentrification frontier by mapping the location of the plethora of “hip” cupcake-serving bakeries and puppy parlors (dog spas). "

A cupcake tour was scheduled for September, and was planned to serve as the basis for an article that would be submitted to the Urban Affairs Review. No word yet on when the study will be made available.

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