Monday, December 7, 2009

Cupcakes Take The Cake Fifth Anniversary Party

Thursday night was the Cupcakes Take the Cake Fifth Anniversary Party! The RSVP list filled up one day after tickets were available, so I put myself on a waiting list and didn't expect to get a spot. But I did, and I have some pictures of the event to share! ;)

These were done by Treat, a custom cupcake company. I had the pink ones with fondant.

The first cupcakes I tried were from Kumquat Cupcakery. I've heard their name thrown around a bit, usually people say good things. I had the pink and white frosted mini cupcake. It had a delicious mint frosting. The blue iced one is lemon & lavender.

The next group of mini cupcakes were also disappearing fast, these were from Baked by Melissa. I had the tie dye and the smores cupcakes. In the picture are cinnamon (wish I had known that at the time!) and cookies and cream.

The first table when you walk in has cupcakes from Crumbs. There were lots of different flavors but this is the only picture I have.

The bar

Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Cupcake Stop (the cupcake truck).

Nibbles by Nora and her famous cupcake kabobs!

Just Cupcakes from Virginia.

The crowd

Owner of Sweet Revenge, the lovely Marlo Scott, who also had cupcakes there, among them vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and chocolate with peanut buttercream.

Some of the ladies behind CTTC. From left to right: Melissa (intern) and founding editors Nichelle & Rachel announcing raffle winners.

The room we were in was on the 16th floor of the Roger Smith Hotel, and had a beautiful view.

But I was shivering so much I couldn't get a clear photo!

I came back inside just in time for the second wave of cupcakes! In my opinion, the best were saved for last. These cupcakes are from Goodie Box Bakeshop in Jersey. The dark ones are red velvet, the lights ones are- ready for this? Yam cupcakes with caramelized ginger on top. One of the most complex tasting cupcakes I've ever had, and delicious. Jersey has some good cupcakes!

My favorite cupcakes of the night were made by Blondie & Brownie. Pumpkin with a delicious spiced buttercream. Simple but intense. Yum!

Much thanks to the ladies of CTTC for having a wonderful party (and a shout out to Joe from the Bronx! *waves hello*) Happy fifth anniversary guys!

Update: Check out Cupcakes Take the Cake's own post with much better pictures! Even more photos are on Flickr and Guest of a Guest.