Friday, July 2, 2010

This Weeks Sweet Reviews

Always Hungry: Dark and Stormy Float at The Redhead

Food in Mouth: Fay Da has a shitty red bean ice

Scoop on Cones: Patches of Star Dairy

Scoop on Cones: Cake and Shake

Life with Food and Drink: Billy's Cupcakes

Life with Food and Drink: Grom

Life with Food and Drink: Midday desserts and coffee at Brasserie Athenee

Serious Eats: Fig Milkshake at Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Serious Eats: Strawberry Pudding at Billy's Bakery

Eat to Blog: Van Leeuwen vs Blue Marble

Serious Eats: Maple Hill Creamery's Maple Yogurt

Serious Eats: The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

City Sweet Tooth: Frozen Truffles at Borne Confections

Blondie & Brownie: Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard from DQ

Fork in the Road: Guerrilla Ice Cream

NYC Tastes: Grand Central Magnolia

Cupcakes Take the Cake: iEatTreats: a review

Serious Eats: Waffles & Dinges

Lunch Studio: Walnut Cookie Crisp from Village Tart

Feisty Foodie: Eddie’s Sweet Shop

Fork in the Road: Battle of the Dishes: Fourth of July Berry Pie Edition

NYC Tastes: Bee Desserts

Life with Food & Drink: Sweet Revenge

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