Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magnolia's Sidewalk Cafe Permit Trouble

Original photo can be found here.

Magnolia Bakery
200 Columbus Ave.
at W. 69th St.

Community Board 7 voted against renewing the bakery's license for their sidewalk cafe. They said the issue has to do with the absence of chairs and tables in the addition. Instead the bakery has been using the space to house their famously long lines of people (not the worst idea ever, in my opinion, since people will just have to line up outside anyway). The Community Board says it makes the sidewalk too narrow and that it violates "every reasonable spatial requirement for a cafe (despite being attractively designed and well managed)"

But all this doesn't mean the sidewalk cafe will be gone- at least not yet. Check out Westside Independent's article, it has a link at the bottom that explains the "long and convoluted process".

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