Saturday, January 2, 2010

New York Cake Convention

The City Sweet Tooth has some great coverage of the New York Cake Convention.

I had totally forgotten about this event and remembered it only after tickets were sold out. I'm not as bummed after reading the above post though, no samples?


  1. Lucy - all the years I lived in NYC (31), I don't remember a "sweet" convention! Oh would I would love to go to one. I desperately miss all the patisseries. I grew up in Queens - lots of good bakeries in Astoria! Many thanks for the visit. And I would love your tortoni recipe - ice cream, amaretto and ground almonds! What's not to like?

  2. Hi there Claudia, thanks for stopping by my blog! Apparently this is the first cake convention to be held in NYC, and it seems to focus on the decorating aspect of cake baking. Which is of course very important, but I'm hoping the next one will offer tasting samples!
    I'm a Queens girl myself! *waves* I left a quick version of my "recipe" on your blog, I've been meaning to post a somewhat more detailed version here, hopefully I'll get to that soon!