Thursday, December 31, 2009

McDonald's Elusive Holiday Pie

Original photo taken from Buzzfeed.

I called McDonald's to ask where I could find a Holiday Pie, and got a non-answer like I suspected, something about each McDonald's being a franchise and so they have no idea who has what. Right. So its meant to get people talking and searching, which makes me want it less. But it sounds so fun, gross, and possibly yummy all at the same time.

One writer did a much more thorough search than I did, but also came up with nothing. You can read that article here. What we do know is that it appears to be a seasonal item, found mostly in the South and Midwest, and there is apparently no systematic way of locating a McDonald's that carries them.

Someone asked where they could find one on Yahoo Answers and was told to call a regional manager of McDonald's, which I might try. I'm not expecting any real answers though, so if anyone out there has any information I'd be grateful if you shared it with me!

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